The Daily 5 - Brain Breaks

The Daily 5 - Brain Breaks


Brain Breaks?

This is the series for the BUSY PEOPLE!

This 5 track EP introduces Short little exercises focused around learning simple strategies to help you move through life more mindfully. 

  • Brain Breaks can be practised anywhere at any time, in turn, allowing you to relax in the midst of the activity, busyness and stress of daily life.

  • Helps to manage stress and anxiety

  • Connect positively with the world around you

  • Manage daily stressors with a little more chutzpah

  • Helps to manage over eating

  • Gives you permission to do NOTHING!

These exercises can be done on the move and don’t necessarily require you to stop and close down the eyes. It may help to think of them as a little pause throughout your day that simply reminds you to check in.

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.zip with 5 x Five Minute guided meditations.