My name is Angelina.

Experiencing anxiety as a small child, my coping mechanism was to count my breathing. As I grew older, I came to understand that finding focus within my breath was the fundamental building block of Meditation.

As a former suit turned meditation teacher, I wholeheartedly understand the pressures of the daily grind. That damn awful feeling of being stuck, worried, stressed. The ruminating snowball of thoughts. That pesky inner monologue telling you what you can and cannot do.


We already have the magic within us.

Self soothing and finding calm is inherently deep within us, as we grow older, social conditioning happens - we become less connected to our mind and body and forget that child-like intuition. Growing up and experiencing a spectrum of intense anxiety as an adult, I found it very difficult to 'manage my mind,' I had forgotten how to connect! So, I implemented yoga and meditation into my life as a ritual, a regular happening, a no compromise, must-do and, slowly, I began to unravel, to soften, to open my heart to myself. The more I did the work, the more I wanted to delve deeper.

My teaching style is simple and practical.

The busy minds practise.

The sceptics practise.

The woo-woo and non-woos alike practise.