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The Office.
We get it. Because we've been there. 
And, lets be honest.  It can be tough.

Whilst we might be working on what we love, the office has a tendency to quickly become a second home. 
Lunches and dinners hurriedly eaten at the desk, with the high stress, fast paced and the never ending stream of 'To-Do's', meetings, events, notifications and obligations, its no wonder 39% of staff feel a sense of depression from time to time, with 46% taking time off work due to feeling mentally unwell.

Specialising in small business, big business and everything in between, we work with both staff and business owners to deliver a much needed 'Brain Break.' 

We offer super simple strategies to implement into daily work life in order to help manage stressful circumstances in a more positive manner, in turn, enriching the work-life experience.

Scientifically proven to assist with stress reduction and anxiety 

Meditation improves concentration, focus, memory and attention, including mood and proven to increase immunity and resilience to stress.