tuesday + thursday

Born from a desire to help city dwellers escape the hustle and detox from their daily lives, Pure Wellness Studio is a space for you to unwind and treat yourself to a range of holistic wellness services.

Pure Wellness Studio feels like taking a big breath of fresh air - or perhaps even releasing a therapeutic sigh of relief after a long day - because you are totally at ease, relaxed and confident in our ability to help you discover wellness from within.

Join me on Tuesday at 12pm, 12:30pm or 1pm for Medi20.

This session is designed to be a quick, yet effective break for your mind. “Switching off” - even just for 20 minutes - gives your brain a chance to recharge so you can approach the rest of the day with more clarity in a more positive and relaxed, yet focused state of mind.

Or Thursday at 1:00pm for Medi45

Delving deeper into the exploration of self and mind, this session has been designed to allow you to detach from your thoughts in order to reconnect in a more positive and relaxed manner. Calm your nervous system, connect to your breath, turn off ‘Flight or fight mode’ and take a moment to fill up your cup as you learn to own your energy!