Taste the Rainbow - Sampling Pack

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Taste the Rainbow - Sampling Pack


Uummming and Ahhhing about which delectable delight to throw in your shopping cart?


Umm and Ahh no more because our Taste the Rainbow pack is a splendiferous combination of our entire Organic, delicious, wonderful, magical and totally delectable range!

Combining all of our Nutty Food Toppers and Superhero Spices, the Taste The rainbow pack will make you a wizard in the kitchen in no time!

Give it a go yourself or surprise your BFFL, family member or pet turtle* with the gift that keeps on giving!

Each box comes with radical recipe cards to turn even the most novice chef into a Heston Blumenthal!

*Please advise if you would like to receive the parcel in a satchel without a box (save the world and faster shipping!) or if it is a gift and you would indeed, like to receive it in the box!

*You may need to show your pet turtle how to turn on the food processor, last we heard, they didn't have index fingers.


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