The Fierce Four

The Fierce Four

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These sassy Superhero Spices have been training tirelessly with Sensei Spice to bring some POW! BAM! ZING! to your life!

Say hello to Happy Hemp, Golden, Ginger and Coco - these Organic badasses are ready to spice things up!

Searching for a coffee substitute (We know, like, ummm hello - there is no such thing) Well, now there is! 

Perfect for sipping as a latte, both hot and cold, in smoothies & smoothie bowls, porridge, bircher, whilst baking bread, brownies, cookies, add to soup recipes, stews, slow cooks, marinades...phew! These gals are more versatile than Lady Gaga!

Keep some for yourself and gift the rest to your friends and family - they will be sure to give you some smooches for being so darn sweet!

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