The Fab four Coco Spoons

The Fab four Coco Spoons


We are loco for the Coco and what better way to enjoy your meals than using an Eco-friendly, sustainable, compostable, biodegradable, recyclable and very adorable Coconut Spoon!

Supporting local communities in Hanoi, Vietnam, our Coconut Spoons are the perfect way to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

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*Finish: food safe oil, beeswax finish
*Care: hand wash only, wipe clean and dry immediately. 
No dishwashers for our little friends.

Colour & grain of each bowl varies on every item due to the nature of their raw materials. The shape and depth of each bowl is unique with its own size, colour and pattern. 
Just like you and me, No two coconuts are the same in nature, which is why they are all uniquely different but that's why we love them so much!



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