Almond, Turmeric + Hemp Nut Butter (Ummm. what!)

Almond, Turmeric + Hemp Nut Butter (Ummm. what!)


This Aussie roasted Almond, Turmeric and Tassie Hemp Nut Butter is irresistibly dreamy.

I am speechless.

I never get tongue tied, but holy hemp, I’m floored.

Send help. (And more Nut Butter, actually, forget the help, just send more Butter)

What magical ingredients makes it so damn delicious?

Aussie Roasted Almonds, Tasmanian Hemp protein, A dash of Golden Glow, a pinch of Ginger Ninja, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Essence (the real stuff), sprinkle of pink sea salt and a whole lotta joy.

So now you know.

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