Simple 5 minute rituals for your daily doings

You’ve read about them, heard about them and probably had a go, ‘Self Care Rituals’ are an incredible way to take some time out for you.

A ritual, in its plainest form, is a bunch of actions performed in a specific way, kind of like a habit, but the difference is that a ritual is performed with intention and purpose.

My morning ritual has been the same for a long time.
I wake up, I do not turn any devices on, I drink a big glass of water (my naturopath, Steph, told me to do that, and It feels great), I then do 20 - 30 minutes of 'Yang' Yoga (Power Vinyasa, usually) followed by 20 minutes of a seated meditation practise.
Once I'm done, I turn my phone on and gently assimilate back into society. 
Of course there are days where I want to hit snooze as I cultivate every excuse under the sun not to do my morning ritual. but I also know it sets the tone to my day.

However, sometimes social media can overcomplicate things and we forget that a ritual doesn’t mean we need to be sitting in a hand carved stone tub filled with Alpine water and frangipanis whilst overlooking mountains for it to be potent.

A ritual can be as simple or as elaborate as we wish for it to be, the most important aspect is infusing this ritual with intention and purpose, this is where it is bestowed its power.

This is your space to create an environment for you and only, you.

Some potent yet simple ritual ideas:

1. Tea Time / Coffee Time

Put on the kettle, steep your fave tea and make a moment to savour it. Feel the temperature of the mug, inhale the aroma, take small sips, noticing the temperature, texture and taste of each little sip. Same goes for your coffee, whether home made or Barista made, drink slowly and with intention.

2. Breathe

Next time you’re feeling stressed, pay attention to something. Are you holding your breath? Are you shoulders up near your ears? Holding your breath throughout the day? Do you feel tense and anxious?

Try creating a breathing ritual. Breathing deep into the belly. and simply noticing the inhale and exhale. Try taking a few P A U S E S throughout your day. Use each moment to focus on your breathing.

3. Walk around the block

Step outside. Breathe deep. Move your body. A short walk is a great daily ritual that gets you outside, heart pumping and blood flowing. It rejuvenates the senses and invigorates the mind. Try taking a different route each time, you’ll learn more about your neighbourhood!

4. Decide how you want to feel

When you wake up, be grateful for the new day and decide on a desired feeling for the day. Energetic, creative, confident, brave or perhaps just, not-damn-tired…

It’s entirely your choice on how you decide to embody that desired feeling for the day.

I personally, like to dress in certain colours depending on how I’d like to feel - I’ve got a lot of pastel green in my wardrobe which reminds me of relaxation. Most days my intention is to be Calm and connected.

5. Digital De-clutter

Unplug for an hour. Switch everything to airplane mode and free yourself from the non stop notifications.

6. Meditate

Even if it’s 5 minutes a day. Just S T O P. Meditation allows you to create focus and awareness. To develop compassion and empathy not only with yourself but to those around you. It helps you not lose your shit, when you know you normally would have. Here is a guided audio to get you started.

7. Fluff up your pillow each night

As you lie down, pretend your head is floating down onto a fluffy white cloud.

Sounds ridiculous.

Trust me on this one.

Illustration by Alexandra Dvornikova
Illustrator and mushroom lover from Saint Petersburg (Russia)