It is so wonderful to have you here.

My name is Angelina Morino and I am a meditation teacher based in Melbourne. I am thrilled to be able to join you on your journey toward some calm during the festive season as we explore our Breath, Body, Self Love, Joy + Gratitude and Loving Kindness. I’ll be right there with you as I find my calm too!

Take every season in your stride this year with daily five minute meditations to keep you calm, connected  and grounded. You’ll receive a new one each day, I encourage you to give them a go - 5 minutes is only 0.35% of your day.

Take a moment as you sit in traffic with the kids arguing in the back.

Take a moment whilst you’re waiting in line at the post office. 

Take a moment whilst you prepare for your extended family to arrive. 

Take your time this year, be kind to yourself and organise your mind if nothing else.

All you need to do, is, drop in.