brain breaks // food, food, glorious food

I am excited to be guiding you through a short exercise in appreciating and noticing the food and drinks we consume on a regular basis. Perhaps even inspiring you to create a mini ritual before taking your first sip or bite.

I will use drinking a morning coffee or tea as the example, as this is a known ritual for many already, however, this technique can be applied to all meal times. 

Grab a cup of your favourite warm drink - coffee or tea, perhaps lemon water, and move to somewhere comfortable where you can hold the cup and take a moment to yourself. Even if only for the first sip.

Hold the warm drink under your nose and breathe in and out. Savour this moment. Keep on paying attention to the moment longer than you normally would, try a few seconds longer. 

Enjoy the aroma of the drink, noticing the sensations you have in your body as you take in the scent. Be alert for changing sensations within the physical self. 

Breathe in the smell for a while, then take a taste. A small sip. 

Notice what happens on the tongue and mouth as you take a sip.

Notice what happens in the entire body.

This same technique can be applied to meal times, take a moment to study the meal your about to eat, its shape, texture and aroma.

Taking in a few deep mindful breaths before rushing to eat allows your mind and body to properly prepare, this in turn can assist with over-eating and allows you to really decipher wether or not you are enjoying the foods that you are consuming. 

Sometimes you might discover that you don’t like a particular taste now that you are really tasting it. Or you may find you are already full and can apply the brakes on eating too much too quickly. 

Many senses besides smell and taste are involved in enjoying food and drink, sight informs you of the colours and shapes and touch informs you of the temperature and texture. 

Mindfully enjoy your next meal or beverage and observe the difference. The pay-off to this mini medis is usually immediate as we find ourselves a little bit more appreciative to the world around us.