brain breaks // all ado about nothing

Take a moment to think about the last time you had a chance to do nothing!

Much easier said than done in our world of non-stop connectivity, notifications, never ending to-do lists and on and on it goes…

The following exercise helps you to overcome the idea of meditating or being mindful correctly or incorrectly. It’s letting go of any expectations or pre-conceived notions of how mindfulness should look like.  You will learn to experience your natural state without DOING anything to change the moment.

If you experience a lot of noise in your mind, often referred to as the money mind, whilst practising ‘Doing Nothing’ just know that all of the noise or mental rehearsal is not a problem and is not to be resisted, judged or become annoyed about.  

Asking our mind to stop thinking is like asking our ears to stop hearing or our eyes to stop seeing. 

Our minds job is to think and to process information. 

Simply allow thoughts and imagery to fill your mind as it naturally does. 

Be the observor of your thoughts. The difference here is that instead of reacting to your thoughts you’re simply observing them - no judgement. no critique.

So with that in mind, lets begin. 

Give yourself 3 to 5 minutes. Perhaps setting a timer here might help. This is a great one for the shower.

Stand, sit or lie down and just allow your mind to do its thing. Watch the ebb and flow, the changes, expansion, contraction, notice the inner monologue, embrace it all and welcome it with open arms. 

Your aim is to tolerate being here with yourself, without trying to control or change anything. If you can do this, congratulate yourself!

Give your mind permission to explore, to go anywhere it wants. You can think about food, holidays, your to-do list, books, friends, everything, nothing.

Just notice where your mind goes, without reacting to the thoughts. 

With practise, you will learn to experience your natural state without feeling like you have to do anything in particular to change it. 

Be open to the experience and allow it to unfold as it does.