Travelling Mindfully

Travelling is the perfect opportunity to break out of the norm and give your mind and body some new data and information to digest.

Travelling Mindfully enables us to really immerse ourselves in the culture of the land we are witnessing.

Next time you are fortunate enough to experience Wanderlust, take a moment to be present and to really enjoy your surrounds.

Here are a few little strategies to get you on your way!

๐ŸŒHaving to be โ€œonโ€ like when in a busy airport, new environment or out of your norm will cause your breath to be excited and shallow.

Stay grounded by  breathing deeply and slowly. I do this when walking into massive tourist crowds, when taking off and landing and whenever Iโ€™m in line waiting (which can be often as a traveller)!

๐ŸŒPut down the camera. Put down the phone. Not everything needs to be splashed across your socials. Instead of witnessing the magic through your lens, witness it through your eyes. Take in the sights and sounds and notice what is around you instead of reliving it through your camera roll later. Be present. Be in the moment.

๐ŸŒ Practice going beyond the surface to consider the gift of life and appreciating the opportunity to be able to #travel
Part of the joy we discover while traveling is how the world is a smaller place than we first thought, and that all people share beautiful things in common like the joy of music and food!

๐ŸŒ A friendly smile is a universal gesture that knows no borders - so...S M I L E :P

๐ŸŒ Traveling for the sake of wanderlust is truly a luxury. It takes resources like money and time. It takes courage and curiosity. Every weird food, strange ritual, odd signโ€ฆ Observe and appreciate that your journey is a great gift you receive each time you step outside of your norm!

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