Bean Bonanza is the ultimate healthy heart blend, combining the cholesterol

and blood pressure lowering properties of omega-3 fatty acids and disease

fighting antioxidants of the natural coffee bean. Our blend may promote a reduced risk of

several other ailments such as type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver

disease,  this energy dense blend contains essential nutrients and

antioxidants that will help fuel your body throughout the day.


Packing the heat when it comes to blending, Bean Bonanza combines

Aussie Almonds



  Goji Berries

 Raw Cacao Nibs

 and the almighty *Coffee Bean

On average, each  450g packet contains approximately 16mg of caffeine which is roughly 1/4 of the amount of caffeine in a 250ml latte (or a short black).  Each 100g packet contains roughly 4mg of caffeine which is 1/4 of a short black.