Beginners Guided Meditation

Look, perhaps you might feel as though mindfulness and meditation is reserved for the sage burning, socks and sandal wearing folk of our planet, believe me, I used to think the same thing.

but, Boy, oh Boy was I wrong.

I too started small.

Before you begin, check out the 'How To Meditate' Guide - A super quick read and beneficial before you get started!

The below Guided meditations have been written with you in mind, they have been created to help you create some space without making you feel like you've stepped off the deep end. Give it a go. See what you find.

The Beginners Meditation is only 6 minutes, once you're comfortable with this, level up and give the 15 minute meditation a go.

Just like training for a big run or practising a skill, Meditation is also a skill that benefits greatly when the practise is consistent.

And above all, Be kind to yourself.

Spend less time mindlessly stalking a stranger on Instagram ( realising your 8 pages deep and are now looking at holiday photos of Gigi Hadid's best friends auntie's daughter...) and more time stalking your thoughts.


Koala Yogi illustrated by Mark Lording

*Please do not participate in this meditation whilst driving or performing any sort of task such as operating machinery, riding camels in the kalahari or assembling IKEA furniture.